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"INVERTED ONE DOLLAR" - Genuine Legal Tender U.S. $1 Bill

"INVERTED ONE DOLLAR" - Genuine Legal Tender U.S. $1 Bill

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This is a one-of-a-kind Banknote. For the first time ever, you can own a 2-Sided UPSIDE DOWN Genuine Legal Tender Colorized $1 Bill. Inverted Stamps and Currency have recently sold in auctions for Millions and Millions of Dollars.

The Inverted/Upside Down Currency and Stamps are very RARE! Now you can own a genuine colorized Inverted/Upside Down U.S. 2-Sided $1 Banknote featuring GEORGE WASHINGTON UPSIDE DOWN and the STATE SEALS ON THE REVERSE UPSIDE DOWN. This bill is so unique that it is the only one of its kind out there.

  • Genuine U.S. Legal Tender
  • High-Definition Colorization Process
  • Full-Color Certificate of Authenticity
  • Showcased in Unique Display Case
  • Collector’s Edition


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