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"Space Force" New Logo - Authentic JFK Half Dollar

"Space Force" New Logo - Authentic JFK Half Dollar

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  • Authentic U.S. JFK Half Dollar
  • Revolutionary, high-definition colorization
  • Certificate of Authenticity included with each coin
  • Showcased in a stunning acrylic coin capsule
  • Collector's edition

Revealed 22 July, the logo comprises a delta symbol with a silver border intended to represent defense against "adversaries and threats emanating from the space domain". It encloses a black center indicative of deep space.

On December 20th, 2019, President Trump established the United States Space Force which operates as a service branch of the United States Armed Forces. The USSF represents the sixth branch of our magnificent military! Join your fellow patriots in supporting the youngest branch of our military and claim your collectible authentic U.S. JFK half-dollar and this unique piece of history today. The United States has always been leading the world's space exploration efforts and dominating when it comes to the capacity of our military, so we're excited to see what the future holds for the United States Space Force!

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